Case Studies – What Our Clients Have to Say

At SynchroNet, we make it easier for you to do business. We provide the highest level of end-user computing (EUC), allowing your users to stay productive on any device, in any location. As a member of the AWS Partner Network, we help major companies operate more efficiently and securely in the cloud. We aren’t just tech experts––we’re also business consultants. With our deep knowledge of AWS products and services, it’s easy to see why major companies that use AWS, like T-ROC and CloudMGA, have chosen us to achieve their mission. Browse the case stories below to learn more about how SynchroNet has helped our customers streamline and accelerate their AWS cloud migration.

Learn From Anywhere: Launching Computer Lab as a Service (CLaaS) With Bytespeed

ByteSpeed is a major IT solutions provider headquartered in Moorhead, Minnesota. They have been offering custom IT hardware, enterprise networking solutions and IT services across the US for 21 years with a strategic focus to serve K-12 Education. ByteSpeed launched Computer Lab as a Service (CLaaS), a fully managed remote learning solution using Amazon AppStream2.0. CLaaS provides students quick and secure online access to applications such as Adobe CC and Autodesk for remote learning and virtual labs.

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