About SynchroNet

Untethered Work = Untethered Growth

About SynchroNet

Usually, companies would use this space to tell you about their mission. But at SynchroNet, a SoftwareOne company, we do things differently. Instead, we want to share what we already know about you:

  • Your people are your priority.
  • You are interested in AWS cloud migration, but you want to do it right—not just technically, but with a focus on culture, training, and integration.
  • You know DaaS can improve your organization, and you are committed to making it easy for your users.
  • You want your employees to work how and where they want, with access to the tools they need to focus on your mission.

Most of all, you want a partner by your side who can break it all down for you in clear terms and guide you when you come to a fork in the road.

What Is the SynchroNet Difference?

Our Core Values

SynchroNet AWS Consulting Partner Okay


Call out areas of improvement: add value to the customer, partner, team, or company


Do what hasn’t been done; make mistakes & fail fast


Do what is right even when it is difficult


Be present and know your audience; have the courage to communicate and provide feedback


Ask for help; pass the ball; recognize others ability to help


Have contagious passion for technology, people, and problem solving


Own the result; follow through; leave it better than you found it


Be present, punctual, and participate with meaning


Stretch yourself. your team. your company, and your customers – be comfortable being uncomfortable
SynchroNet AWS Consulting Partner Not Okay


Not having a high level of care: letting a customer, partner, or team member fail


Not adding value to the customer, partner, team, or company


Keeping information to yourself


Not investing in the development of yourself, the team, or the customer


Thinking your way is the best and only way: not admitting mistakes


Limiting capabilities, not solving the big problem, short-sighted thinking


Moving too fast, not reviewing your work. slow is fast

SynchroNet, a SoftwareOne Company, at a Glance

Choosing a partner is a big decision. Here’s what sets us apart.
  • We’re an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner who has implemented more AWS Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and application streaming deployments globally than any other AWS Partner.
  • A global leader within the AWS ecosystem, we have deep expertise providing Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), application delivery, and a wide array of other cloud services to Fortune 1000 and large public-sector
  • We help migrate users from both traditional VDI infrastructure and greenfield deployments to enable users to consume desktop applications over AWS.
  • Our proprietary automation tool, SynchroNet CLICK, allows you to easily provision thousands of users and view cost-optimization and business insights via easy-to-use dashboards.

Via our Managed Services offering, we provide ongoing help to organizations who need assistance managing their new cloud solution.