Amazon Connect

Multiply the Power of Amazon Connect

SynchroNet, a global leader in End User Computing (EUC) and remote call center agents, helps companies maximize the power of Amazon Connect––a cloud-based contact center that enables high quality customer support at a lower cost. With Amazon Connect, you can leverage automation and rapidly scale your customer service capabilities without contracts or minimum monthly fees.


Build Customer Relationships Across Billions of Interactions

Today, your customers reach you from a variety of different channels—chat, email, and phone—and your agents need a consistent platform to deliver top-notch service across all mediums. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, SynchroNet makes it easy to integrate Amazon Connect with your EUC and cloud strategy.


Leverage SynchroNet’s Deep Expertise in AWS and EUC

Amazon Connect integrates with the entire suite of AWS tools, including AWS Workspaces and Appstream. Make your launch more impactful by partnering with the experts at SynchroNet, who excel in projects with a remote agent component, to unlock the full potential of the AWS Cloud.


Enjoy Unparalleled Support

SynchroNet does more than implement Amazon Connect. We also support you on an ongoing basis with our Managed Services offering. We take a proactive approach to customer support and respond with urgency and purpose, so you can avoid common pitfalls and scale smarter without taking your employees away from your mission.

6 Reasons to Power Your Contact Center With Amazon Connect

  1. Pay for What You Use Amazon Connect is scalable for companies of any size, with a pay-as-you-go model that only charges you for the minutes you use. There are no contracts, hidden fees, or minimum monthly charges.
  3. Infinitely Flexible Amazon Connect works at your pace. Scale up or down instantly, depending on your workloads or seasonal peaks, without impacting the customer experience.
  5. Work Anywhere Your workers can sign in and deliver high-quality customer support from anywhere in the world.
  7. Personalize the Customer Experience Whether you want to power your contact center with AI, acquire more data about your customers, or improve your EUC experience, AWS has the tool you need to achieve your goals.
  9. Integrate Your Tools Learn more about why your customers are calling, capture feedback, personalize interactions with your CRM, and seamlessly move callers from one channel to another to improve user experience and meet customer needs.
  11. Trusted Support Amazon Connect is based on the technology used in Amazon contact centers worldwide, giving your customers access to the best in high-tech user support.