Service Providers

If you have a legacy application you want to rearchitect in the cloud, you don’t need to start from scratch. SynchroNet helps service providers and other organizations leverage AWS streaming services to transform their applications in the AWS Cloud––creating extra value for your business. 

SaaSify Your Application 

There are many benefits to rearchitecting your legacy application in the cloud. With help from the team at SynchroNet, you can: 
  • Create a recurring revenue stream With a cloud-based application, you don’t have to wait for customers to upgrade to get paid. When you choose a flexible, subscription-based payment model, you benefit from a recurring revenue stream. Plus, customers love the flexibility of trying out your app without the long-term commitment.
  • Provide simple trials and demos Cloud-based applications make it easy for customers to trial your product. No more waiting for long downloads or requiring customers to purchase expensive hardware to run your application.
  • Reduce your Total Cost to Operate (TCO) Moving your infrastructure to the cloud reduces your TCO and saves time on maintenance. You also free up more space at your organization when you move your hosting and housing to the AWS Cloud.
  • Leverage user data Cloud-based applications give you insight into user engagement, providing valuable data that can help you improve your offering. Get to know your customers with a SaaSified application that runs in the cloud.

Our Process 

Creating a cloud-based application is frustrating if you go it alone, taking years and millions of dollars. But when you SaaSify your application with SynchroNet, you benefit from our experience, best practices, and deep knowledge of the common pitfalls that can slow your team down. This greatly speeds up the process, keeps costs down, and reduces friction and frustration.  Learn more about our process and what you need to get started here, or give us a call to talk with a member of our team about rearchitecting your application with AWS.