SynchroNet AgentLens

Your customers deserve a streamlined, high-quality, and secure support experience every time they call. But for years, call centers have struggled to improve customer experience due to poor visibility into call quality and agent connectivity. Enter SynchroNet AgentLens: a proprietary tool that gives call centers access to real-time data to support their mission to provide unparalleled customer support.

User-Friendly Dashboards

Unlike other call center analytics platforms created for a highly technical audience, SynchroNet AgentLens is designed with the end-user in mind. Easy-to-read dashboards provide real-time insight into call latency, jitter, RAM, and CPU thresholds, giving managers access to the information they need to immediately address call quality problems without waiting for IT support.

With SynchroNet AgentLens, your team can quickly spot outages by carrier and region as they occur. Plus, historic views allow you to spot trends and identify which internet providers and geographic locations are more likely to impact call quality.

The Most Holistic Solution on the Market

SynchroNet AgentLens is the most holistic solution on the market, with dashboards that identify potential security threats and outages on an organizational and individual level. And because it runs on AWS, your team will benefit from guaranteed 99.9% uptime and world-renowned security. SynchroNet AgentLens can be customized and installed in your call center in just a few weeks—and you can use it even if you haven’t migrated the rest of your environment to AWS.

Give your customers the best possible user support with a platform that offers total visibility. Contact us today and let us show you what SynchroNet AgentLens can do for your remote agent workforce.