Our comprehensive digital workplace offering has helped us emerge as a global leader in AWS cloud technologies, and we’re proud to have implemented more AWS Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and app-streaming deployments globally than any other AWS Partner. But our team has experience with more than just DaaS—in fact, we can help your organization implement more than 70 Amazon web services.

Here are some of the technologies we work with every single day:

Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces is an easy-to-provision AWS Desktop-as-a-Service offering. This persistent DaaS solution makes it possible for your users to access their documents, applications, and resources from any supported device, including Windows and Mac computers, Chromebooks, iPads, Fire tablets, and Android tablets. Plus, it’s easy to scale your fleet up or down to meet business demand.


Amazon AppStream 2.0

Users today want access to their applications from anywhere, on any device. Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a non-persistent application streaming service that allows your users to stream any desktop application from their browsers. With the new desktop view, Amazon AppStream 2.0 looks like a traditional desktop, giving your users the convenience, security, and flexibility of a non-persistent platform with a familiar user interface.


Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is a cloud-based call center you can launch in just minutes. With Amazon Connect, you can leverage automation and rapidly scale your customer service capabilities without contracts or minimum monthly fees. It also integrates with the entire suite of AWS tools, including AWS EUC, giving you the ability to embrace the full power of AWS while providing top-notch customer service across multiple channels.


Amazon WorkDocs

Whether your employees work remotely or in an office, teamwork is key. That’s where Amazon WorkDocs comes in: a low-cost, AWS-integrated option that enhances workplace collaboration. WorkDocs allows teams to migrate traditional file shares to the cloud and easily access those files through Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder.


Amazon QuickSight

If you want to maintain an edge on your competition and stay true to your business values, you need to be able to extract insights from your data quickly and efficiently. Amazon Quicksight is a powerful and intuitive data visualization tool that supports more than 25 data sources. Quicksight offers comprehensive visualizations and effortless scaling at a low cost. Don’t miss out on insights that matter to your organization.


Amazon CloudWatch

No matter the size of your operation, knowledge is power. Your business IT workloads are constantly changing to meet the needs of your business. CloudWatch’s flexible observability tools cut through the noise to tell SREs, engineers, and project teams exactly what they need to know in real-time. With CloudWatch, organizations can aggregate logs and metrics from dozens of AWS services and on-premise resources in a central monitoring dashboard. Plus, CloudWatch leverages automated alerts based on monitoring thresholds, events, or schedules. These alerts can orchestrate automated recovery, failover, and scaling operations to maximize uptime and minimize on call pager activity. CloudWatch also powers AI-driven technologies like Compute Optimizer, which intelligently right-sizes EC2 infrastructure, and Application Insights, which diagnoses OS-level issues with custom software. Talk to our team about how using CloudWatch to aggregate Windows logs and performance counters from AppStream 2.0 fleets, visualize user experience opportunities in WorkSpaces, and much more.


Amazon Cognito

When a web application needs access to AWS resources, it’s dangerous to leave persistent credentials in your code. Thankfully, Amazon Cognito provides a simple, secure, and straightforward way to temporarily grant AWS permissions to applications via a user directory. And, the fully-managed Cognito User Pools scale serverlessly to hundreds of millions of users. On top of that, Cognito supports SAML and OpenID Connect federation, allowing organizations to provide their customers with social-identity login (like Google, Facebook, and Amazon). And if your company prefers to leverage an existing identity provider, Cognito is compatible with Okta, Google, or Azure AD. As an added bonus, Cognito is HIPAA eligible and compliant with many major security accreditations (like PCI DSS and ISO 9001), making it a secure, cost-effective identity solution in serverless architectures.


AWS Lambda

You don’t need to waste time managing servers and provisioning code. AWS Lambda is a severless compute service that allows your team to scale, distribute, and orchestrate (via AWS Step Functions) your compute workloads without managing servers or paying for idle time. This technology also enables your team to create integrations for different systems, and process data in real time.


Amazon Glue

In the world of ubiquitous big data, managing large scale ETL workflows is a constant challenge. AWS Glue is a serverless solution for wrangling both structured and unstructured data from one place to another. It allows your team to discover and catalog data from a wide variety of sources into a central meta-data repository. With Amazon Glue, it’s easier to create dynamic orchestrated workflows that utilize familiar tools like Python and Spark to transform, merge, and store information in data lakes and warehouses for later analysis. With Amazon Glue, you don’t have to worry about capacity constraints or domain specific tools. Talk to SynchroNet about how Amazon Glue can help your organization focus more on the valuable analytics and less on the plumbing.


Amazon DynamoDB

When we built SynchroNet CLICK™, we needed a database solution that would allow us to maintain customer data isolation and scale capacity and performance while optimizing costs. Now the SynchroNet team can apply this expertise to achieve the same goals in your serverless architecture.


Amazon IoT, Kinesis

Monitoring your EUC environment and securely collecting and storing all that data is challenging. That’s why SynchroNet has leveraged existing AWS-native products like IoT Core and Kinesis to solve this problem in a novel way. With our software, thousands of WorkSpaces and AppStream instances are actively measured and managed so you can quickly make IT and business decisions based on the trends that are important to you. Plus, this solution allows us to store data without leaving the AWS ecosystem, meaning you benefit from AWS’s top-notch security and up-time.



In a growing organization, you need a centralized, scalable authentication solution to achieve your security goals. AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies administrative logon across AWS organizations by providing a single access point and role-based access control. AWS SSO integrates with existing SAML identity providers, allowing organizations to use familiar directories and multi-factor authentication mechanisms to access the AWS Console or CLI. In addition to management portals, users can also authenticate to AWS line-of-business software or third-party SAML apps like Salesforce or Microsoft 365.

Amazon AppStream 2.0 also integrates with AWS IAM to support SAML 2.0-based federation for authentication to desktop streaming. This flexibility allows DevOps engineers, developers, or other QA staff that need to rapidly reproduce and test issues to authenticate to the AWS Console and a streaming session from the same SSO portal. Have questions? Talk with our team about how to navigate SSO in your cloud environment.