K-12 Education

What if your students and teachers could work from anywhere, on any device?  Whether hybrid, in-class, or totally remote, online learning is here to stay, and SynchroNet enhances your school’s ability to support teaching and learning with AWS virtual desktops. With our help, all of your instructors will be up and running in less than a week––without compromising the safety and security of your students or your data. 

Powering Our Schools 

SynchroNet works with K-12 school districts across the country to empower teachers to work remotely. We help schools deliver critical learning applications to students, teachers, and administrators, regardless of their physical location, to easily support online, hybrid, and flexible in-person learning solutions.  No more fighting over computer lab space––your students can log into their virtual desktop from their desks using a chromebook, laptop, or tablet. Plus, if you have specialized hardware or software in your computer labs (for example, for specialized technical curriculum), your students can access those labs remotely, whether they are at home or in the classroom. 

Secure Solutions, Implemented Fast 

Our deep experience and focus on the end user can dramatically cut down the time it takes to implement your AWS virtual desktops. We make the right tools available for your team, helping you navigate automation and life-cycle management without burdening your existing technical engineering, operations, and IT support staff.  We also know that security can’t be sacrificed. At Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SynchroNet, information security is “job zero.” The safety of your students’ data is our first priority, and we work with your IT team to keep your virtual desktops secure.