SynchroNet CLICK™: Fast and Efficient Provisioning

Want to get the most out of AWS DaaS? Meet SynchroNet CLICK: a platform created by SynchroNet to leverage AWS WorkSpaces automation and streamline daily operations for your Amazon WorkSpaces and AppStream 2.0 fleets.

On WorkSpaces’ native console, provisioning new users can be time-consuming and clunky. This is particularly true for large organizations and companies that are rapidly scaling up. SynchroNet CLICK is a platform that leverages the power of automation to simplify your onboarding processes and ensure your AWS DaaS fleet is cost-optimized and running efficiently, so your engineering and IT teams can focus on their missions. 

With SynchroNet CLICK, it’s easy to adjust permissions, storage, and other WorkSpaces requirements so you can stay agile without burdening your technical and HR staff. SynchroNet CLICK makes it easy to provision WorkSpaces at scale, and improves your user experience with automated welcome notifications and an easy-to-use self-service tool for tech support and troubleshooting. 

Why SynchroNet CLICK Is the Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

How can SynchroNet CLICK help your organization thrive? Here are just a few examples of how our tool can simplify and streamline your operations:

  • Using Active Directory integration, SynchroNet CLICK can automatically provision WorkSpaces based on the new user’s persona, greatly simplifying and accelerating the hiring process.
  • When an employee or contractor is removed from your Active Directory, SynchroNet CLICK reminds you to terminate their account to reduce waste in your cloud spending (either automatically or using two-step verification, depending on your preference).
  • With SynchroNet CLICK, you don’t need senior engineers to operate your fleet. SynchroNet CLICK’s easy-to-use interface enables your service desk teams to manage the EUC environment, so your engineering team can focus on the next phase in your cloud migration journey.
  • SynchroNet CLICK’s real-time cost optimization insights help you view where inefficiencies occur, making it easy to make changes and reduce your costs. The platform offers actionable tips to make your fleet more cost-effective and allows you to easily and quickly implement changes across multiple accounts and regions.

User Support at Every Stage

Within minutes of changing a candidate’s status to “hired,” SynchroNet CLICK creates an email address, provisions a new virtual desktop, configures their applications based on their user persona, and establishes single-sign-on (SSO) access to the appropriate business systems. With SynchroNet CLICK, your hiring process becomes consistent, reliable, and automated––so your new hires feel welcomed and supported without overwhelming your HR team.

And changing a user’s status is just as easy as onboarding. You can automate SynchroNet CLICK to shift permissions and access when employees change roles or easily terminate their account if they leave your organization. Along the way, SynchroNet CLICK ensures that your data is accurate and secure. Automatic alerts notify administrators if systems are not functioning properly. With SynchroNet CLICK, your users are also empowered to help themselves, with access to Self Service for minor troubleshooting concerns and the Empowered Service Desk for larger issues. 

Work Smarter With SynchroNet CLICK

With SynchroNet CLICK, repetitive, mundane tasks are a thing of the past. Click here for a demo and see why major companies like T-ROC choose SynchroNet CLICK for AWS WorkSpaces automation, cost-optimization, and an all-around better end user experience.