Off-Shore, Online: Enabling Global Connectivity With GulfMark and AWS AppStream 2.0

Customer: GulfMark Americas, Inc;

Summary: GulfMark owns, operates, and manages a modern fleet of offshore support vessels that include: platform supply, anchor handling, towing supply, fast supply vessels, and specialty vessels. GulfMark is the largest operator of platform supply vessels globally across all major energyproducing regions.

Issue: REFMAN is the vessel operations documentation and service log application used by GulfMark.
The application enables shipboard and on-shore personnel to manage vessel specifications, track defects, and coordinate dry-docking services. Application performance issues were causing loss of productivity for users who access the application by VPN and remote desktop. The application relies heavily on email (via Outlook) to send data files to recipients, and sometimes the data files being sent exceeded the attachment size permitted by the email provider. GulfMark was looking for a global cloud solution for REFMAN that provides users simple access and reliable performance. And eliminates the costs of purchasing local hardware and software across GulfMark’s five regions.


SynchroNet consulted with GulfMark’s executive and IT teams to develop a solution that improves application performance and delivery of documentation to users. Instead of connecting to VPN and accessing the application by remote desktop, users now access REFMAN via AppStream 2.0 on any Internet-connected device with an HTML 5.0 browser. Instead of attaching specification documentation to emails, the new solution leverages Amazon S3, Lambda, SES, and SNS to email users time-limited download links for the files they need. This overcomes the email attachment size limitation and also helps secure GulfMark’s sensitive data.


  • Improved global access to the application from any Internet-connected HTML 5.0 compatible device
  • Improved application performance
  • Simplified business process