Higher Education

Enabling Remote Learning 

With the power of remote AWS workstations, SynchroNet ensures your students and faculty are connected and working––whether in the classroom or at home.  What does that look like in action? Here are just a few of the ways we empower institutions: 
  • Virtual Computer Labs With virtual computer labs powered by AWS, you no longer need to replace aging and expensive equipment. Plus, your students can access specialized hardware and software anywhere, at any time, with their virtual desktop log-in.
  • Remote Access Do your students need access to important software and tools at home? With remote access, students can stream applications from their personal computers and devices, whether they are in their dorm room, living off-campus, or logging in from across the world.
  • Work From Home Give your faculty and staff the option to work from home with a persistent, secure AWS workstation powered by Amazon WorkSpaces or AppStream 2.0. With WorkSpaces, your staff can access the applications they need to do their jobs from their personal computers and devices.  

Cost-Effective, Flexible Solutions 

As a global leader in EUC services, we know what it takes for virtual desktops to work at your college or university. We provide cost-effective solutions to fit your existing budget, with the flexibility to scale up or down––even on a seasonal basis. AWS EUC is easy to use, without the need for extensive training or long lead times for your internal technical team. And with Amazon’s 99% uptime guarantee, your students, faculty, and staff will always have access to their AWS workstations Not sure if you’re ready to take the leap? SynchroNet provides business and technical validation as part of our professional services offering, so you can see whether AWS virtual desktops will work for your institution.