User Automation Platform

Imagine, automating all the processes for onboarding, updating, and separating from employees, contractors, consultants, or any other user across all of your systems…ensuring data integrity, security protocols, and work place efficiency while reducing the workload of your IT staff.

SynchroNet’s User Automation Platform (UAP) leverages the power of Amazon Web Services and our proven AWS Serverless expertise to automate your user, workspace, and application life cycles.

For example, within minutes of changing a candidate’s status to “hired,” their email address is created, a virtual desktop provisioned, their applications configured, and single-sign on (SSO) access to the appropriate business systems is established. This creates a consistent and reliable experience for the organization while providing a positive and welcoming experience for the new hire.

Similarly, changes to a user’s status, including separating from the organization, benefit from the same automated processes.

More importantly, there are many inspection processes ensuring that data integrity is maintained among the systems, taking corrective action and alerting administrators if human intervention is necessary.

  • Orchestrates manual, repetitive tasks through automated workflows originating in systems-of-record like HR and Applicant Tracking Systems. This guards against human error due to re-keying, and frees up your IT team to focus on mission-critical tasks and projects.
  • Boost productivity and agility while facilitating the design of flexible, customizable, and workflow-driven business applications. These days, it’s easy to find a purpose-built SaaS application to fit almost any business requirement and be up-and-running in hours. The UAP integrates with these systems, and synchronizes user data throughout the entire ecosystem.
  • In addition to automation, the UAP facilitates employee and manager self-service. With the appropriate controls and approval workflows, this significantly eases the burden on administrative staff – while reducing “red-tape” in the employees’ eyes.
  • The business logic captured and utilized by the UAP ensure that business policies and procedures are consistently applied. There are no gray areas in automation.
  • Less human involvement inherently decreases risk and increases compliance with industry regulations by mechanically following your security framework.