What Are SynchroNet Customers Are Saying?


MAXIMUS uses VDI for several different types of projects, including call centers and for remote users. MAXIMUS is currently going through a move to AWS for all IT services, so it was natural that we utilize WorkSpaces to replace our VDI infrastructure. We were having many issues with VDI backend server support, non-persistent workstations, and many complaints from users about software configurations. With WorkSpaces, we were able to release ourselves from all of the backend maintenance and concentrate on the user experience.

We also wanted to move fast, migrating over 1,000 users to the cloud. We are well on our way thanks to AWS and SynchroNet CLICK. By utilizing WorkSpaces and support from SynchroNet we are going to see significant infrastructure cost savings (storage and servers) in addition to the support and maintenance costs for the underlying VDI infrastructure. Additionally, we are implementing a BYOD policy at MAXIMUS; where WorkSpaces users no longer require a company-owned PC. Users can utilize their own PC, laptop, or tablet to access their WorkSpace anytime, anywhere. This will save MAXIMUS close to $4,000 per user and will improve our security and efficiency.”

Jason Winters, Principal Architect, MAXIMUS, IT.


SynchroNet really understands the meaning of being a STRATEGIC and VALUE ADDED PARTNER. IT is catalyzing immense business changes in the market. Only when you are able to marry superb technical skills with a deep understanding of business dynamics can you actually implement and operate a solid corporate IT platform. SynchroNet excels in this area, they are a truly unique player. They were instrumental in getting Mobile Insight to the cloud in AWS and helping us keep things secure and optimized.

Eduardo Santaella, General Manager – Mobile Insight

SynchroNet has been the one partner willing to investigate the “what ifs” with me. They’ve had the creativity and the expertise to make our journey with AWS pay off with numerous successful projects. Their insight with cloud technology has turned our key pain points into deliverable solutions offering value to both our internal and external customers.

Kevin Adams, Global IT Infrastructure Manager – GulfMark Offshore

It was a pleasure partnering with SynchroNet. They did a great job of driving the project to completion! Brian Stanfill is a talented PM and did a fantastic job managing the complexities of multiple Stakeholders with varying levels of interest!

Brian Mehle, Chief Information Officer – ASL

SynchroNet has been an excellent partner in creating infrastructure efficiencies and server/application migrations to AWS. A recent project to re-invent the GulfMark website in AWS resulted in cost reductions of 97% and annual savings of $18,960. SynchroNet has consistently outperformed on our projects and advanced GulfMark in leveraging the value proposition of AWS in infrastructure efficiencies and scalability.

Lee Johnson, SVP & CIO – GulfMark Offshore

The SynchroNet team has been a valuable asset to us. Their team is stacked with A-Team players who know how to add value. We consider them to be partners and they play an important role in our delivery of IT Services.

Michael Franklin, Information Technology Executive – BGE, Inc.

At T-ROC our explosive growth has far outpaced the evolution of our processes and systems. With numerous mission-critical, yet disjointed systems, onboarding and moving employees quickly became labor-intensive and unmanageable. The User Automation Platform that SynchroNet implemented with T-ROC has been a life-saver. We are now able to systematically provision new users and automate administrative tasks while handing them off seamlessly from system-to-system. Not only has our employee onboarding experience gotten better and more consistent, but human intervention and fallout have dramatically decreased as well.

Page Valgora, Director Sales Enablement – T-ROC Global